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Welcome to Polyoak Packaging
Established in 1976, Polyoak Packaging is one of the leading rigid plastic packaging suppliers in Southern Africa.

It specialises in the manufacture and design of thermoformed, blow, injection and compression moulded plastic packaging for the dairy, beverage, foods and industrial sectors.

Divisions of Polyoak Packaging

Polyoak Packaging is made up of a number of divisions with highly focused teams that specialise in the design and manufacture of rigid plastic packaging offering innovative, high quality and cost effective packaging solutions.

Dairypack: Manufacturers of plastic packaging for milk, dairy beverages, juices and opaque beer (sorghum).

Dairypack Tubs: Manufacturers of thin-walled containers for ice-cream, yoghurt, cheese, butter, spreads and other food markets.C

Blowpack: Manufacturers of plastic containers for the industrial, chemical and food markets.

Polypet: Manufacturers of PET containers and preforms for the beverage, food and wine markets.

African Closures: Manufacturers of plastic closures for dairy, beverage, food, chemical and industrial applications.

Design First: In house research, development and design service for Polyoak Packaging.

Contan: Manufacturers of buckets and pails for the coatings, chemical, industrial and food markets.                                                                                                                                

Manufacturing operations and distribution centres are in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, East London and Namibia. Sales and distribution centres are in all other major South African cities and towns: - Bloemfontein, Middelburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Pretoria, Worcester, George and Port Elizabeth.

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